Due to the amazing situations surrounding COVID-19, a few of the treatments recognized in recall news release might not be offered at this time. Customers need to talk to remembering companies for more information.

It is very important to bear in mind that CPSC and remembering companies advise customers not to utilize remembered items.

Recalled bottle of wintergreen oil

Remembered bottle of wintergreen oil

Location of Lot code and UPC code on recalled bottle

Place of Lot code and UPC code on remembered bottle

Name of item:

Dr. Mercola Wintergreen Necessary Oil


The items include the compound methyl salicylate which need to remain in kid resistant product packaging as needed by the Toxin Avoidance Product Packaging Act (PPPA). The product packaging of the item is not kid resistant, presenting a threat of poisoning if the contents are swallowed by children.

Remember date:

April 23, 2020

Remember Information


This recall includes Dr. Mercola Wintergreen Necessary Oil in a 1 fl.oz (30 mL) amber glass bottles with black caps. The Lot codes for the remembered items are WTG-001-T and WTG-001-U, the UPC code is 813006019729. The Lot codes are printed on the item label above the UPC code.


Customers need to keep the item in a safe place out of reach of kids and contact Natural Health Partners for a totally free replacement kid resistant cap or a complete refund. Natural Health Partners is getting in touch with all understood buyers straight about the recall.


None reported


LiquiFab, of Canada


Atrium Developments, of Pittsburgh, Pa.


Natural Health Partners, of Cape Coral, Fla.


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