Looks like a 200 dollar Poco

The Xiaomi Mi 11 Pro is expected to have an SD 888 processor and 120 Hz AMOLED panel. (Image source: Weibo/WHYLAB)An alleged live photo of the Xiaomi Mi 11 Pro has been shared on Chinese social media and has been met with something of a lukewarm response so far. The Snapdragon 888 phone has been called “ugly”, with the Mi 11 Pro having a large main camera system housing that stretches over a significant portion of the rear side.

Live shots of yet-to-be-released smartphones are often a little blurry or seemingly hurriedly taken (often simply to give an air of authenticity to a clearly staged marketing ploy), but this new photo of the supposed Xiaomi Mi 11 Pro takes the biscuit. If the camera housing on the rear wasn’t so distinctive, you would be forgiven for thinking someone had taken a snapshot of a photo of a random device in a magazine with a smartphone camera that still had a protective plastic film stuck over the lens.

But it appears this could actually be the Mi 11 Pro in all its “glory”, and the machine translation of comments made on Weibo where this Xiaomi Mi 11 Pro live image seems to have been originally shared are not universally glowing. The word “ugly” is mentioned a few times, and there’s no denying that the design shown here doesn’t really offer the same elegant look as either the regular Mi 11 or even the sharp Mi 11 Pro concept render produced by designer Ben Geskin (see image below).

The suspect live shot of the Xiaomi Mi 11 Pro shows the arrangement of four camera sensors adjoined by the LED flash. Recent reports state that this camera system will be led by a 50 MP Sony IMX766 sensor, while there are conflicting rumors that have gone with either a 50 MP lens from Samsung or even a 200 MP camera for the Mi 11 Pro. It might be just the contrast with the case color that commenters have found off-putting, because of the casing being decked out in white for this example while the significantly sized camera bump is black.