Online sales are up, however Lego’s CEO firmly insists just real-life shops can provide the brand name experience

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Picture illustration, source: Jan Huber/Unsplash

the wake of a pandemic that has actually just highlighted the increase of digital retail, which has actually shrouded shopping in the real world with an unclear sense of threat, opening 120 brand-new shops seems like a strongly positive technique, if not a straight-out strange one. However Lego CEO Niels Christiansen firmly insists that just real-life shops (Lego currently has 612 internationally) can provide the required “brand name experience,” like seeing incredible Lego develops close, and examining the most recent sets. “When our shops have actually resumed after lockdown, there have actually been lines,” he informed BBC.

Lego’s online sales have actually been up, too. The business states it has actually been drawing in more adult consumers in the pandemic period, and just recently reported a general sales increase of 14%. Still, the re-upped dedication to in-person shopping can be checked out as a vote of self-confidence that the “experiential retail” concepts so fashionable prior to the arrival of Covid-19 might have a future, after all. Especially, 80 of Lego’s brand-new shop openings are prepared in China, where a variation of “typical” that consists of heading out and shopping has actually currently settled in. Perhaps physical still has a future — beyond simply Lego bricks, that is.

Appears Like Lego is putting the pieces together.


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