Now more than ever, it’s important to curate what appears on your social networks feeds. Here’s how to erase Facebook posts from your Timeline one by one or wholesale.

By PCMag Personnel & Scott Bay

Facebook is all too eager to advise you of the past. Bear in mind that show you went to 3 years earlier? That individual you friended 9 years earlier? That picture you snapped on holiday? No concerns; Facebook will make certain you always remember.

Today more than ever, it’s important to curate what appears on your social networks feeds, lest a possible company or date come across an inexpedient picture, remark, or like.

If you’re ill of wincing whenever you log into Facebook, it may be time to rid your account of aging memes and suggestions of your 2008-period frosted suggestions stage. You don’t need to destroy your whole account, however. Here’s a more civilized service for social networks clean-up.

First, it might be useful to see what your profile appears like to individuals who aren’t on your good friends list. Go to your Facebook profile and click the Consider as “eye” icon, which will show your profile as it aims to somebody who is not a pal. You can do the very same thing on mobile by browsing to your profile, tapping the ellipsis and picking Consider As.

If you see just one or more posts you wish to erase, Facebook makes it simple to axe them one at a time. To do this on desktop or mobile, go to your profile, click the ellipsis icon, and choose Activity Log. This will reveal you every action you, or another user, has actually handled your Timeline, consisting of responses, shares, remarks, tags, and posts. Tap Filter (desktop) or Filters (mobile) to choose which sort of posts you wish to see. When you encounter something you wish to get rid of, tap or click the ellipsis to erase or get rid of a response or tag.

It’s possible to restrict the exposure of old pictures and posts by making them personal rather of erasing them completely. From your Timeline, click the ellipsis beside the post you wish to conceal, then choose Conceal from Timeline in the drop-down menu.

To just conceal the post from specific individuals, choose the ellipsis button and after that Modify audience (desktop) or Modify personal privacy (mobile), where you can choose which groups of individuals or people can see your post. Here, you can likewise set it to Just me, so just you can see it.

Facebook likewise has a tool to conceal public Timeline posts en masse. To do this, browse to Settings > Personal Privacy > Limitation Past Posts. After clicking the Limitation Past Posts button, a caution will appear encouraging that all your public posts will be transformed to Buddies just. If that’s all right, click Limitation Past Posts once again and your public posts will just show up to those on your good friends list.

If you wish to perform this action on mobile, you’ll need to utilize the Personal privacy Examination tool by going to Settings & Personal Privacy > Personal Privacy Shortcuts, then tap Evaluation a couple of essential personal privacy settings under the Personal privacy area. Tap Who can see what you share and continue through the examination up until you see Future Posts and Limitation Past Posts. You can make future posts noticeable to anybody, good friends just, or simply you. Or pick particular individuals who can see or not see your posts. Tap Limitation to instantly make previous posts viewable to just your good friends.

Facebook simply presented the choice to archive or erase old posts wholesale. In the meantime it’s just readily available on mobile and Facebook Lite. Browse to your Activity Log and tap Manage Activity up leading and after that Your Posts in the pop-up at the bottom of the screen. Tap Filters to sort by classification, date, or particular individuals. Then tap package beside the posts you wish to conceal, and choose Archive or Garbage at the bottom of the screen.

To erase whole years from Facebook quick on desktop, you’ll require to download a web browser extension like Social Book Post Supervisor for Chrome. These extensions aren’t flexible and can erase years of history immediately with a click of a button, so make certain anything you wish to conserve is securely archived prior to striking erase.

To download a copy of your whole Facebook Timeline, go to Settings > Your Facebook Info > Download Your Info on desktop. If you’re on mobile, go to Settings & Personal Privacy > Settings > Download Your Info. Pick what must and must not be consisted of, and click Produce Files to download your Facebook info to your computer system.


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