Survival and scary in the depths of Subnautica

Bryan Finck

I’ve been playing Subnautica for over 25 hours now, and likely have at least that a lot more to go. The video game puts you in the shoes of a team member on the Aurora, a spaceship that suffers a disastrous occurrence and drops to the mostly oceanic world listed below. You begin with an escape pill as your main office, and need to construct out from there, gathering resources and finding what the world needs to use, while a story plays out around you.

Even after these numerous hours, I’m still discovering brand-new products on the ocean flooring, be they resources or types of alien plants. Fish of all kinds, both benign and terrifyingly predatory, swim previous in huge numbers, still unexpected me with their range. Though I’ve been backward and forward throughout the sea flooring lots of times, I feel that I’ve seen just a little portion of what this world needs to use. Subnautica has actually prevented the traps that numerous open-world survival video games fall under, leaving you constantly yearning simply a couple of more gorgeous, scary minutes.

Lots of video games, in their push to have a huge open world, wind up with a big empty world that doesn’t have enough to do throughout its breadth and depth. The gamer is left tired, with long stretches of traversal throughout a repeated landscape populated by couple of animals to keep their interest. This is particularly real with survival video games, where the environment is frequently the secret to the video game, resources spread about that require to be gathered in order to develop a shelter or merely not starve to death.

Without intriguing things to do and see, the designers danger losing the gamer to the next huge video game to come along. If the have actually included a story element, they should keep the plot streaming, lest the gamer get slowed down in making it through and lose the thread. It’s a complex dance, where numerous video games forget the actions or stumble over their own feet. The good news is, Subnautica is closer to Fred Astaire than to Rodney Dangerfield.

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