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Strangely enough, the vehicle market has yet to create its own os. Provided its innovative position and dexterity, Tesla is most likely to get it initially. Some carmakers are beginning to understand that the train has actually left the station. Nobody comprehends it much better than Volkswagen Group’s CEO Herbert Diess. Last June, Diess revealed his issues throughout a management conference:

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However the supreme leap in worth will be the production of an application community. The limitation will just be the creativity of app developers. As an example, airport operators are most likely to establish apps to handle vehicle traffic and guest circulations. Here is a use case: Your flight leaving from San Jose Airport leaves in an hour. Your double app system — one in your phone, the other in the vehicle — checks the flight status, eviction, and the traffic. It alerts you when it’s time to leave. When in the area of the airport, the app guides you to the parking area nearby to eviction. An option and a little more futuristic situation includes you dropping your vehicle in front of the terminal, then letting the auto-pilot send out the vehicle to the long-lasting car park a couple of miles away (this will quickly end up being practical as geofenced environments such as airports will be appropriate for Level 4 self-governing driving).


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