A Viral Video Shows A Seattle Mom Getting Arrested After Allegedly Tapping Cops With Her Car Days Earlier

“She tapped a policeman’s bike, obviously, so now they’re stating she attacked a policeman.”

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Published on June 7, 2020, at 1: 14 a.m. ET

A Seattle mom was jailed Friday for supposedly gradually reversing her automobile into a group of law enforcement officer on bikes as she live-streamed herself on Instagram at a presentation on Monday night.

Laura Eberhard, 32, appeared in court on Saturday for an initial hearing where a judge discovered possible cause for 2 counts of third-degree attack. She was launched on her own recognizance on the condition she come back at future hearings and not have any weapons, according to Casey McNerthney, a representative for the King County Prosecuting Lawyer’s Workplace.

Video of Eberhard’s arrest went viral on Saturday and was seen over 1.5 million times on Twitter. The video reveals her shouting, “I’m not withstanding, I’m not withstanding,” prior to she informs onlookers her name and offers contact details for her auntie.

An officer then states, “You’re under arrest for attack — several counts versus law enforcement officer. You attacked me and you attacked another policeman.”

Seattle PD dragging mother out of her car while her 9 year old is in the backseat. Officer tells her she has “multiple counts of assaulting an officer. You assaulted me and you assaulted another officer” at a protest couple days ago.Cops are seeking revenge on protestors.

Seattle PD dragging mom out of her automobile while her 9 years of age remains in the rear seat. Officer informs her she has “several counts of attacking an officer. You attacked me and you attacked another officer” at a demonstration couple days earlier.

Police officers are looking for vengeance on protestors.

However regardless of the claim in the viral tweet about the identity of the detaining officer, Sgt. Lauren Truscott, a representative for the Seattle cops, informed BuzzFeed News that a gang system investigator made the arrest — not the bicycle-riding officer Eberhard supposedly struck with her automobile. (Cops did claim that a number of officers had actually been gently hurt as they attempted to apprehend Eberhard.)

Prior to Eberhard was jailed, she had actually been preparing to go grocery shopping with her boy and fiancé, according to her auntie, Rebecca McKee, when a lorry unexpectedly obstructed her in the driveway. “Then, like 20-30 police officers came and surrounded them and began tugging her out of the automobile in front of her 9-year-old kid,” McKee stated.

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Eberhard herself taped a video of the event on Monday, in which her automobile is moving really gradually when cops declare it was available in contact with the officers.

“And she tapped a policeman’s bike, obviously, so now they’re stating she attacked a policeman,” McKee stated. “However in the video, you can plainly see she wasn’t shouting at the cops, she wasn’t being violent, and she most likely didn’t even understand she’d strike the police officers, otherwise she would have stated something.”

According to a criminal grievance, Eberhard was determined due to cops body webcam video that caught her license plate in addition to sticker labels on the lorry.

She supposedly struck an officer called Winngham with “considerable force” which he stated left him with continuous neck and back pain. Eberhard’s video reveals her obviously moving at a low rate of speed.

“As officers approached we were moving behind the back of the lorry,” Winningham stated in a main declaration in the grievance. “I then saw the white reverse lights begun and the lorry started supporting as officers approached. The lorry seemed attempting to strike officers and avoid them from having the ability to move past. The lorry backed into me and struck me.”

The examining investigator stated 2 other officers likewise felt the chauffeur was planning to strike them. The only factor they did not stop to apprehend her, they informed the investigator, was due to the fact that they had actually been bought to develop a line somewhere else in the demonstrations.

The investigator stated the body webcam video revealed the chauffeur might have moved on to prevent the officers. “At first it looked like if the chauffeur may have been attempting to obstruct the Officers’ motion, however after numerous of them had currently ridden past, the automobile continued to reverse, straight into the line of bikes.”

The investigators likewise utilized as proof a Facebook post from Eberhard’s page previously that very same day revealing a Star Wars-influenced animation revealing a Jedi having actually run over Storm Cannon fodders utilizing a Landspeeder. “This maker eliminates fascists,” checks out a message on the lorry. The top of the animation includes the letters “ACAB,” an acronym significance “All Police officers Are Bastards.”

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Eberhard taped the event herself throughout a livestream of herself at the demonstrations on Monday night that she published to Instagram. In the 45-minute video, she can be seen driving around to various places as she screams “Fuck the cops!”

“I am not here to play fucking video games with the cops. Come at me, bruh. I will fuck you up,” she states at one point. “Not truly though due to the fact that I’m not unstable like them. I have no requirement. I don’t have a small penis.”

When she comes to the scene, she speaks with an unknown female protester who asks her to produce a boundary with her automobile as the cops method.

“I’ll remain in the line of fire,” Eberhard states. “I can’t assist where my automobile was parked!”

“Beware. I’m going to produce a boundary,” she states. “Here they come.”

She then angles her mobile phone at the window to tape-record herself reversing gradually as more than a lots officers cycle in between her and the curb. As she reverses, a minimum of 2 officers seem pressed on to the curb — however they keep biking.

“I’m attempting to stop cops from harming civilians and I’m putting myself at threat of going to prison for that,” she states minutes later on in the video. “That’s so ridiculous to me. All I wish to do is stop the cops from harming individuals.”

“There’s a fucking war going on at Cal Anderson Park,” she states.

Eberhard made her Instagram profile personal after she was called by BuzzFeed News several times for remark, to which she did not react.

Mckee, Eberhard’s auntie, stated her niece had actually gone to the demonstration in order to assist administer emergency treatment and left when cops started shooting rubber bullets, using to drive hurt protesters to the healthcare facility.

“It wasn’t a deliberate thing,” she included. “They jailed her for a lot of bullshit.”

According to the criminal grievance, investigators chose to apprehend Eberhard on Friday due to the fact that they found her kid in the automobile and they did not desire her to be on the roadway with the kid when they attempted to apprehend her. When they did, cops declared there was a battle and they ultimately utilized pepper spray.

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The investigator composed in the grievance that he heard among the officers inform Eberhard and the crowd of onlookers seeing her arrest that she was being apprehended for an attack on law enforcement officer a couple of days previously.

“Eberhard reacted to this by screaming in the instructions of the crowd, ‘I was just attempting to conserve lives!’” the investigator composed.


This short article has actually been upgraded with an information from Seattle Cops Sgt. Lauren Truscott about the identity of the detaining officer.


Eberhard appeared in court in an initial hearing into whether there was possible cause on the examination. A previous variation of this story improperly stated she had actually been officially charged.


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