A Viral Video Shows A Group Of Armed White Men Who Came To A Black Lives Matter Protest

Authorities state there were no physical run-ins or arrests.

Published on June 4, 2020, at 3: 58 p.m. ET

Black Lives Matter protesters in an Indiana town were welcomed with a line of white males and females bring weapons.

The town of Crown Point, Indiana, held a little march and rally on Saturday afternoon in demonstration of the death of George Floyd, who was eliminated in authorities custody, and anti-black bigotry in the United States.

Amaya Butler, 19, was among the speakers at the rally. She informed BuzzFeed News that the march of about 50 individuals decreased the town’s Main Street, which is where the armed counterprotesters were.

“It was really a quite stunning sight to see since I’ve remained in Crown Point practically my entire life, and I’ve never ever seen anything like this in the city that I live in,” she stated. “It was simply discouraging to see just how much bigotry and hate was simply sticking around and concealing in the city.”

A video distributing on Twitter reveals the line of males and females, consisting of a minimum of 8 males holding weapons.

a video from when we took the BIKE TRAIL back to our cars after police advised us to because of the amount of people standing by the street with their bats and guns.. these men followed us- if the cops weren’t there i genuinely don’t know what would have happened.

a video from when we took the BIKE PATH back to our automobiles after authorities encouraged us to since of the quantity of individuals waiting the street with their bats and weapons.. these males followed us- if the polices weren’t there i really don’t understand what would have occurred.

“Individuals with the weapons, they were essentially attempting to daunt us,” stated Butler.

Authorities accompanied the demonstration down Main Street and to the rally at the town’s primary square, where Butler provided a speech to the crowd.

I got the pleaseeee to be one of the leaders of the Crown Point Protest. We are marching to the courthouse to have our voices heard.

I got the pleaseeee to be among the leaders of the Crown Point Demonstration. We are marching to the court house to have our voices heard.

“I stand here as a young black female who is fed up with the disasters that keep taking place throughout this nation,” she stated at the rally. “I am tired of switching on the news just to see another lovely soul unjustly drawn from this earth.”

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She stated that throughout the rally, some things were yelled by individuals throughout the street at a bar who had actually followed the demonstration down Main Street.

“There were many individuals stating ‘F you,’ ‘your mama,’ ‘Trump this,’ ‘Trump that.’ That’s where the majority of it was,” she stated.

Crown Point Authorities Chief Pete Land informed BuzzFeed News there were no physical run-ins or arrests throughout the demonstration.

“The people who picked to stand along the streets with their guns were not part of the march, they were standing along the road as the authorities escorts and marchers strolled by,” stated Land, by e-mail.

“We did have a couple of topics, who were counter protesters, trying to sign up with the march; nevertheless, the officers stopped them and avoided that from taking place.”

The video of the armed males has actually gone viral after being shared on other accounts, with more than 7 million views.

Butler stated she had not been frightened, and the Crown Point demonstration had really been a “breath of fresh air” after going to an earlier demonstration in neighboring Merrillville, where there were clashes in between authorities and protesters. She stated the primary distinction in between the 2 neighborhoods is that Crown Point is bulk white.

“I can’t assist however think that that was the reason that there was such a huge distinction in the mindset of the authorities,” she stated.

Despite the fact that she strolled by the armed males, she stated she had not been frightened due to her faith.

“Nobody can injure me when I have God on my side, and I felt that throughout that march God was on our side,” she stated.


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